What’s a spa party without some natural lip balm? You can make these lip balms ahead of time for the girls to enjoy as party favors or have them contribute to making.

Natural Lip Balm Recipe

For this natural lip balm recipe, you will need the following ingredients and measurements:

Tools Needed

Here are a few items you will need to make and store the lip balm:

Instead of a glass dish and pan, you can use a double boiler if you prefer.  I find the glass bowl is smaller and easier for cleanup.

Natural Colorants

Some natural colorants to use are:

If these don’t produce the colors you want for your natural lip balm, then please browse these other makeup colorants.

Directions for Natural Lip Balm

  1. Start by adding the beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil into a bowl (or the top pan of a double boiler).
  2. Place the bowl (top pan) in a pot of water, and set to low heat.
  3. Then stir all the ingredients until they have all melted together,
  4. Once melted you can remove from heat.  Here is where you would add your colorant if preferred.
  5. Now you will add about 2 to 3 drops of your selected essential oil, peppermint and lavender are to favorites.

Note: The recipe for natural lip balm should make approximately 5-6 lip balms.  You can set aside some of the concoction and leave out any colorant to have a clear balm for any boys who might be in attendance.


This natural lip balm recipe is sure to be fun to make at home and a healthy substitute for chemical-laced store brands.  With this lip balm, you’ll be able to know how to pronounce the ingredients and know that it is safe for use, no harsh chemicals here.  I hope you enjoyed this recipe and had fun making it.  God Bless!


Natural Lip Balm FAB Kid Spa At Home Lip Balm Recipe

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