What is a kid spa party

Kid spa parties are novelty  spa treatments geared for younger girls.  Spa services usually include one or all of these type of treatments:

  • Mini-mani (hand soak,  lotion, polish)
  • Mini-pedi (foot soak, lotion, polish)
  • Mini-makeover (eye shadow and lip gloss)
  • Facial (facial with cucumber eye treatment) 

A kid spa party can be booked at a local kid spa near me or as a DIY kid spa.  You can pamper your special little girl for doing well in school, as an “Atta Girl” keep up the good work, or for a just because she deserves it kind of day.  Some spa boutiques even have services for the guardian to have treatments.

Whether you treat your child to a little quality time with you or you throw a party for her and her friends she is sure to have a good time.

DIY Kid Spa Party

Want to pamper your girl at home or throw her a spa party with all her friends but don’t want to go through the hassle of booking a treatment then throw the party at home.  There are a few simple things needed for an DIY at home spa treatment.  Get some hand and foot soak, lotion, polish (Piggy Paint Gift Set, Cotton Candy) , facial cream, cucumbers, a some eye shadow, and lip gloss and you can figure the rest.  Wash basins make a great foot bath or prop your daughter on the bathroom counter and close the drain in the sink and let her soak those toes in the

When it’s time to really pamper your girl you can buy a plush bathrobe and slippers for her to walk around in.  Throw a party for  your girl and her friends, have them pamper each other and let the fun ensue.